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If you've been struggling with a thyroid problem or chronic health condition, are looking for an alternative all-natural solution or are unresponsive to traditional medical treatment,  book a free 45 min consultation with Dr. Ray to discuss your case and see how he might be able to help. 

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  • Why 90% of thyroid sufferers will NOT get better with only traditional medical treatment (thyroid meds...)
  • ​How those with thyroid symptoms can find out for sure if they actually have a thyroid condition...and more importantly...what to do about it!
  • Why doctors tell their thyroid patients (over and over again) that their blood tests are 'normal' and they are 'fine' but they sure as heck don't feel 'fine'
  • The #1 blood test to uncover the ROOT CAUSE of most thyroid disorders (Spoiler alert: most doctors NEVER order it)
  • And much more!

Register for Free Thyroid Course And Learn:

  • ​What is the thyroid? What does it do and why is it important?
  • What are common symptoms of hypothyroid (under active) and a hyperthyroid (over active)?
  • ​What tests are recommended to thoroughly understand the thyroid and how it's working?
  • ​What a little-known 1988 study found that causes 90% of thyroid conditions.
  • ​Thyroid physiology (how it works) explained... top to bottom
  • ​What is "leaky gut" and why is it a problem for thyroid conditions?

Dr. Ray Benedetto, DC, DACNB
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     Dr. Ray Benedetto, DC, DACNB is a sought after functional medicine practitioner, natural thyroid health expert and founder of the Rapid Thyroid Recovery System. 
     He has been in private practice in Bethlehem, PA for over 16 years. He is most well known for helping those with chronic health conditions, thyroid problems in particular, finally discover the root causes of their symptoms and achieve the relief they haven't seen from traditional medical treatment.
     His success with his patients and clients stems from years working in the trenches building a busy functional medicine practice that has patients from all of the world seeking his natural and alternative advice.
     He lives and practices with his wife, Dr. Alison Benedetto and their 3 children in Bethlehem PA and consults with clients and patients from all over the US.

623 W. Union Blvd, Unit 3
Bethlehem, PA 18018

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